Enforcement Overview
The Minnesota ATV community vigorously supports a strong enforcement system and the protection of our natural resources.
When a statewide trail system is developed, problems related to resource protection and riding violations will decrease.
- Trail enforcement will be better managed on a more developed system.
- ATV riders would have a clearer indication of where they can and cannot ride.
The Minnesota ATV community has supported responsible ATV-related fine increases as a way to bring more discipline to ATV usage.
Enforcement initiatives
Minnesota’s ATV community has vigorously supported increased enforcement funding for the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
ATV riders have also supported funding for county sheriffs to implement increased ATV enforcement activities at the local level.
ATV riders have supported funding for dedicated ATV conservation officers within the DNR. These officers act as ATV enforcement experts and consult with other conservation officers on ATV enforcement activities.
Future Vision: Ambassadors Program
Minnesota’s ATV community supports the creation of an Ambassadors Program in order to bring more dedicated ATV conservation officers to each of the four DNR regions in the state.
- An Ambassadors Program is a group of trained volunteer ATV riders from clubs throughout the state that collaborate on trail monitoring, education, and enforcement initiatives.
Additional conservation officers would accommodate the growth Minnesota’s ATV community would experience with the development of a sustainable ATV trail system.